An Egg a Day…

...takes the doctor away! It was the day where we made 11 boys unhappy or problem free. Already a week ago, they have been talking, that some piggies had to get castrated. As we didn't only want to talk about it, we offered our help.

On the day before, we washed the small piggies, so that they were clean, when the doctor comes. But after the bath they went directly back to the mud...

Sneja und Piggy sind beide glücklich über die Dusche
Snezja and Piggy are both happy about the shower

Then the day of the castration came. After getting up we first had a big breakfast, for filling up our stomach. At 10 am the doctor arrived. For warming up, the doctor started with the two small piggies. This worked without our help. The testicles of the piggies were pretty small, so the chicken got something to eat.

Afterwards we drove to the forest and went to the other 50 piggies. There were waiting 7 young piggies and the boar for the castration. The boar, Loverboy, has been responsible for the fertilisation of the female piggies. We started with him. After the anaesthetisation a frame was built, to fix the 200 kg heavy animal on the back. As soon as the anaesthetisation worked, the boar got carried on the frame, what even with 6 strong men wasn't that easy.

Loverboy während der Operation
Loverboy during the operation

Once fixed on the frame, it went very quick, first washing, two cuts with the scalpel, fumbling out the testicles, cutting and in the end a lot of wound powder. Releasing the strings and Loverboy wasn't a man anymore.

Beitrag von Loverboy fürs Abendessen
Loverboys contribution for dinner
Der Doktor mit seinen Utensilien
The doctor with his utensils

Then it was the turn of the younger ones – somehow it was different, as we thought first and we were happy, when finally everything was over. The piggies offered resistance and we had to hold and calm them down. The cutted testicles were collected in a bucket and one of the workers took them home for a nice dinner.

Beruhigung bei den kleineren Piggies
calming down the smaller piggies

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