Ready for the island

Thats how we felt after having been in the desert and the long and exhausting journey to the south.

Bandar-e-Pol was the village, from which the ferry took off to the island Qeshm. It was planned to relax and spend some days making a service on our trucks. Getting the ticket for the ferry took some time. Filling in datas, showing the insurance, more data – we felt like crossing a boarder. Showing our Carnet de Passage - “Ah, did I already see your passport? No? Your passport please. Are you traveling alone? All passports please!!” Thats how it went a few times, nobody spoke English and after 3 hours we finally were on the ferry. All this just for 10 minutes on the boat... Welcome to Qeshm. We only wanted to go to the beach, what we did so after having spent the night next to the main road.

Finally on the ferry

One time across the island and without searching for too long, we found a beautiful beach. Finally relaxing. We only got visited by locals a few times, so our women were able to walk around without a headscarf and we went swimming all together. On Christmas, we were three camper vans and celebrated together. Next to Tino, Tina and Alex, the well known Luk, Lea and Paul joined us for some easy going days. The kids were happy about each other, so the parents got as well some free time for relaxing. 28 degrees, sun and beach and plenty of time for doing nothing. On Christmas eve we all cooked together and even had some wine, which Paul got as a gift in Shiraz.

Enjoying the beautiful beach
View out of our truck
Tino loved to search for hidden treasures on the beach …
… for that he got good company

After Christmas, we unfortunately had to say good bye to Luk, Lea and Paul, as they left the island in the direction to Pakistan. We loved traveling with them and hope to meet them again somewhere on the way.

Dromedaries were our daily visitors

After 5 days of relaxing, we moved on – first we filled up our water tanks and then drove to the capital of the island, Qeshm. On the following day, we immediately started with the work. Taking of the tires and brake drums. Cleaning the chassis from mud and sand and preserve all with oil. Changing all the tires and putting grease on the joints. We cleaned as well the inside of our truck, as there was still a lot of sand remaining from the desert Lut. After two days of working and cleaning, our trucks looked fresh again. Then we had enough of the capital and drove back to the place on the beach, to enjoy again the privacy and the sea. The days went on, we celebrated Johannes birthday and overslept New Years Eve. We enjoyed the beaches and the good weather. The different canyons and the traditional shipbuilding impressed us as well. We enjoyed being together with the crew of the Tschimmy truck.

Driving around in the inner part of the island
Different types of canyons can be seen all over the island
Across the island there is a system of salt caves
Dryness can even on a island be an important thing
Building boats in the old, traditional way
All is done by hand – only a few old machines are at their disposal

The last five weeks together with the others passed very fast. For now – we split up. We had an appointment in Tbilisi and from the south of Iran to Georgia it was more than 3000 kilometers to drive. The visa as well run out, so we had to hurry up a bit.

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