Waiting impatiently in Georgia

What for? Yes, our son, for which we had to hurry back to Tbilisi.

After spending two weeks on the Tbilisi Sea having cold temperatures, we moved into our flat in the town. We parked Emma just next to the house and first of all, we nearly emptied our truck and brought everything to the flat. For improving our fitness, the flat was on the last floor, 103 steps had to be climbed up. We just enjoyed all the comfort of the flat and soon were not alone anymore. First, Sven and Martina came and enjoyed the warm flat and as they moved out, the same day Chrissy and Paul came. They are travelling with an old, orange bus, where they have not installed a heating system. We had a nice time together, having barbecues and cooking.

Having a barbecue on our terrace in February!!

The date of the birth came closer and passed without happening anything. After nine days, our son still did not feel like leaving his cozy place, so we went again to the birth clinic. As we were already some time over the date, they were pretty shocked, that we didn't come earlier. They made some checks and decided to start the birth immediately. The next morning, on Saturday at 6.23 am, Mattis had his first glance at the world and us.

The board, where the births get announced

Two hours later, we finally were allowed to have him with us and we now were able to enjoy him, the wee guy, which was travelling with us for the last ten months.

Our Babuschka. Mattis warmly wrapped in some blankets after the birth
Mattis sleeps and sleeps and sleeps, well protected of his Nuscheli

On the same day, Chrissy and Paul came to the hospital, to say hello and in the same time goodbye to us, as they had to go to Greece. We really enjoyed staying together with them in the flat, it felt like normal life.

The visit of Chrissy and Paul for saying hello and goodbye at the same time

After two days and the final checks, we were allowed to leave the hospital and now we started our life in three in the flat. Four days later, Theres parents came to see their first grandchild and helping a bit with everything. It was a big change for us, Mattis wanted to eat every two hours and at the same time we had to get his birth certificate. After half a week we got the confirmation from the clinic about Mattis birth and after one week and seven visits in the house of justice and many translations of different documents, we finally got the Georgian birth certificate. For registering him in the German and Swiss embassy, we again had to translate different certificates with apostilles, which took us another three weeks. In the meantime, we made some small trips with our parents, or they were exploring the city by themselves.

Walking around in Mzcheta

Johannes was installing new radiators in the truck, so there was always something on.

In order to not get bored, Johannes improved our heating system

Just shortly before the parents of Theres left, Oma and Opa from Germany came. All together we visited the TV tower in Tbilisi and afterwards went out for dinner.

Mattis with Opa and Oma and Nonna and Nonno

In the following week, Oma and Opa took care of Mattis, so that we had enough time to finish the story with the new radiators. The last days we enjoyed alone as a family in the flat. After nearly six weeks we moved out and went back to Emma, staying for another three weeks at the Tbilisi Sea.

Mattis likes being in the truck

We had enough time to get used living now in three in this small space. The main things we were doing was trying to sleep, washing the nappies and clothes of Mattis and cooking. Johannes still found some time to do some works on the truck like installing a new separfilter and fixing properly the diesel tubes, which come back from the motor.

Johannes was working on sunny days
Thats how it looked like, when the weather was good

A few times we got visitors, Richard, who we met a year ago with his family in Batumi, was on the way to Kazachstan, where he wanted to repair his truck.

Richard with friends came to visit us

During this time, Johannes had to go many times to the German embassy, to get Mattis registered, so we could order a passport for him. It looked like they have never done that before, so it took them three weeks, till we got the passport. Meanwhile, we had to leave Georgia, like we had to do it every three months, but as the passport of Mattis was still missing, he and Theres stayed in Achalkalaki in a hotel and Johannes went to Turkey, where he made as well the obligatory shopping.

Mattis likes driving, he is mostly sleeping…
…sometimes on the steering wheel

Back in Tbilisi we finally got the passport and we immediately applied for the Russian visa. We had to wait 10 days for the visa, so we went again to Katskhi to the climbing house. Three nights we spent there with a Russian family, which was travelling with their five months old daughter. It was nice talking to them and having time to enjoy our babies.

Mascha and Mattis observe each other…
We enjoyed the nice weather outside with our families, slacklining and climbing
Relaxing in the hammock
Air driving

As always, we went as well to Beso and his family (neighbours of the climbing house). The family was all excited about Mattis and after a warm good-bye we left the place.

All were happy to get to know Mattis

One night we stayed at Patas place (cousin of Beso), who stayed for some time with his parents. For the breakfast we got delicious Georgian food and in the end, the parents didn't want, that we leave their place. From Patas father we got some freshly picked flowers out of his garden.

On our farewell tour, we went again to the monks. On the first night, we were partying for Mattis birth and how the Georgian tradition is when a son is born, Johannes had to shoot three times with a gun. After two nice days, we left them and went back to Tbilisi, where we picked up the Russian visa. The last day we spent together with our climbing friends.

Two friends have to say goodbye, Irakli and Mattis

Then we went again to the MB truck service, where we met again Martina and Sven. Johannes changed the oil of the truck and ad midday we said good bye to everyone, drove to Stephansminda, where we slept having a perfect view to Mount Kazbeg and started early the next day to the Russian boarder.

After so long time in Georgia, we spent the last night with the view to Mount Kazbek

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