Visit from back home

… friends from Stuttgart are coming to Croatia!!

Abendstimmung am Meer bei Omis
In the evening on the beach in Omiš

We have planned a visit from Hannes and Oli for the start of September. And then Markus joined as well, he was driving with his bicycle from Ljubljana to Starigrad, Paklenica. We were all happy to see each other again and having friends from back home around us.

Makus: Montag: Pivo Dienstag: Pivo Mittwoch: Pivo Donnerstag: Pivo Freitag: Pivo Samstag: Pivo Sonntag: Pivo Montag: Pivo Dienstag: Pivo Mittwoch: Ahhhh ich hab heute irgendwie keine Lust auf Bier!!!! Wir: Waaaaaaas? Markus: Wein???
Monday: Pivo
Tuesday: Pivo
Wednesday: Pivo
Thursday: Pivo
Friday: Pivo
Saturday: Pivo
Sunday: Pivo
Monday: Pivo
Tuesday: Pivo
Wednesday: Ahhhh I don`t feel like beer today!!!!
We: whaaaat – are you ill???
Markus: Wine???
Oli Ahhhhhh - ahhhhhhh - Schuldigung?!?!? Bock auf Pimmel? Oder lass uns doch mal hier hoch fahren!!!!
Ahhhhhh – ahhhhhhh – Sorry?!?!? Do you feel like ***?
Or lets drive us up here!!!!
Hannes Gehen wir heute Klettern? Gehen wir heute? Und heute? Endlich - Hey erst gucken dann flashen!!!
Are we going climbing today?
Finally – First looking then flashing!!!

It was planned to go climbing and snorkelling together, hanging around on the beach, cooking good and just having a good time together, what we really had. The first days we spent in the national park of Paklenica climbing. We went as well multi-pitch climbing, which was absolutely new for Markus and Oli.
The national park is nice and tidy and you always find climbing routes in the shade. Many people come here for climbing and you can see it on the rock, but still its no problem for climbing. We were climbing in two groups, to be more flexible. We had as well a chilling day on the beach, which we enjoyed with some beers. Every evening we cooked together and mainly grilled vegetables and cevapcici. The weather was perfect for climbing and swimming in the sea and every night we stayed up late and enjoyed the time together.

Das Gespann in Starigrad auf dem Campingplatz
All together on the camping ground in Starigrad
Immer noch am selben Tag nur mit Theres und Markus.
The first day – 5 climbers in the wall – Theres and Markus.
Hannes und Oli - immer noch an dem Tag!!!
Hannes and Oli – still on the first day!!!
Zweiter Tag - Gruppe Knoppers. Merkurs, Oli und Theres!!
Second day – Team Knoppers: Markus, Oli and Theres
Zweiter Tag - Gruppe Flashen. Jo- und Hannes. Da kamen wir her!!
Second day – Team Flashen. Jo- and Hannes. There we are coming from ..
Da wollten wir hin!!!
There we still have to go!!!
Da wollten wir hin ...
And it went further on…
… Oben wurde man damit belohnt!!!
… on top we had a fantastic view!!!
Erster Klettertag in Paklenica - 5 KLetterer in gleichen Seillänge. Hier Markus und Oli.
Third day – Team Knoppers climbing

After 5 nights we drove further to the south, away from the touristic region mainly having Germans around. During the driving we talked together on the Walkie Talkies, we took some breaks for buying fresh vegetables and food and had our lunch on the beach.
Finally we ended up 15 km south of Omiš, where we knew there should be a sunken ship next to the coast. We found a very cosy camping ground, which was not too overcrowded with tourists, as it was end of season.

Das Gespann auf der Fahrt nach Omis
Together on the way to Omis
Der Blick von unserem Campingplatz aus ...
The view from our camping ground …

The weather was good so we wanted to look for the sunken ship and in the afternoon we went to look for it. After 30 min of walk, we found a nice spot on the beach. After a while of searching, we still could not find the ship so we spent the time jumping down from the cliff and snorkelling. The next days we were climbing in Omiš, relaxing on the beach or went walking along the beach. Good food and beer were the things we had every day. We cooked Risotto, Lasagne, made potatoes in the oven and fresh salads. We collected fresh rosemary and thyme or got fresh almonds.We checked again for the sunken ship and finally we found it 100 m further south of the place we have been the last time. Impressive!!

Romantische Kletterei bei Omis ...
Romantic climbing in Omis…
… das Ambiente war linde gesagt bes******* - der Fels hingegen wunderschön
… the surrounding wasn`t that nice –  but the rock was pretty good
Planschen im Meer - bei Mimice
Swimming in the sea in Mimice
Aber auch unter Wasser waren wir unterwegs
We were as well under the surface of the water…
… und entdecken eine beeindruckend andere Welt!!!
… and saw the world of the fish!!!

Our plan was to stay for only 2 nights on the camping ground, but finally we passed there the rest of our holidays. Markus was sleeping under our truck and Hannes in the cabin of the truck. He was already exercising for the upcoming days. Hannes decided to stay one more week with us and fly back home from Sarajevo. In Olis car there was a free seat, which Markus took over.Unfortunately, after two weeks we had to say good bye to Markus and Oli. The time with you was excellent and we are looking forward for your next visit!!

Abendstimmung - bei Vino
Evening – drinking Vino

We really loved to have friends from back home around us – we had a good time during those two weeks with our three friends!!!

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