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Already started in Macedonia and finished in Greece and Turkey – we felt like conserving all the fresh vegetables, we found on the way. Till the end of November we enjoyed fresh, tasty tomatoes, out of which we made yummy tomato sauce. Mixed Pickles, some glasses with the taste of sweet and sour, mushrooms with vinegar or dried, self made Ajvar, olives and what we dint't want to miss during the visit on the Turkish farm, liquor out of tangerines. Just have a look yourself...

Erst die Oliven pflücken - in Griechenland war das
First harvesting the olives – in Greece
dann alle vorbereiten oder gar einschneiden
Then sort them out and some we even cut
und als letztes in Salzwasser lagern - das Ergebnis ist erst Monate später genießbar
And finally store them in salt water – they have to be kept in glasses with salt water for months before trying
Mixed Pickles - auch hier muss man Geduld haben
Mixed Pickles – as well here patience is needed
Alles was wir so eingemacht haben - nicht alles aber von Allem etwas
All the different vegetables and mushrooms we conserved
was uns auch schon seit Anfang der Reise begleitet - selbst gemachter Zitronensirup
What we cook every now and then, Ice Tea syrup

And a short note to the conserved mushrooms we made out of the chanterelles in Austria. The first glass we opened in Greece and we were surprised, how good the taste was. As we were preparing them, we were not sure about the result. If somebody is interested in the recipe, just let us now!! - mhhhhhm...

Beim genießen der eingemachten Pilze - es war wundervoll!!
Tasting the mushrooms together with self made bread

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