Black Flash

Since we arrived in Georgia, we were thinking about it and as we decided to stay a bit longer here, it became clearer. Finally long time planned visitors came for 3 weeks and we decided it – we need a small car to be mobile in Georgia.

Erfolgreicher Kauf - der Vorbesitzer hing an seinem Auto was sich bei der für georgische Verhältnisse gute Pflege wieder spiegelte
Successful purchase – the owner before loved his car, what we could see how he took care of his car

We decided to buy a car – already a few times it would have been easy to have one, not always using our old Emma. Until now, we always had friends picking us up or we used public transport. But as it is more convenient, when visitors are coming to have an own car, we decided to invest in one. The thing is that renting a 4×4 car in Georgia, is incredible expensive. Taking care of our new car, we hope we will be able to resell it to similar conditions.

Ohne Probleme gemeistert - ein Schlammloch - teil der hisigen Straßen
Without problems – a mud hole – part of the local roads
Und wir kommen auch mit dem schwarzen Blitz ans Ziel
And we arrive with the black flash in our destination
Unermüdlich auf Straßen wie in der Mongolei
Without any problems on roads similar to Mongolia

We didn't want to have any car, as we are loving our 4×4 campervan. After exploring the local market around Tbilisi, we would have loved to get a Mitsubishi Delica. As the prices were too high for our budget, we were looking for something else, and found our black Subaru Forester. It was in pretty good conditions and with a few handles, even in better ones. And during the last 3 weeks we found out, that this car is reliable and good for what we need it for...

Nach dem Kauf - dies und das war noch zu machen - so kannmal sich in Georgien seine Felgen rund biegen lassen ...
After the purchase of the car – we went to our friends garage, to make our wheel rims round again
Was bei den Straßen hier auch kein wunder ist das diese manchmal unrund sind
… which is a consequence of the roads here
Ein wenig mehr Bauchfreit wäre wünschenswert - das muss durch das Können des Fahrers ausgebügelt werden
A bit more distance to the ground would not bee too bad – it makes it even more important to have a good driver

If somebody of you feels like traveling in Georgia, you can write us. We can borrow you the car or would as well be happy, to make a tour around Georgia with you.

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