Beauty salon Emma

Now it was our time. We always try to keep Emma well maintained, which means putting grease on the joints, check the oil level and all the different filters and change them if needed. All the things which have to be done for not getting surprised by our home.

As we already told, we had to do some work. The cooler, it did not explode, but driving uphill at 40 degrees in Armenia was too much for it, so it started leaking. After checking we found out, that the compensation container was leaking and as the cooler itself was not in the best shape, we decided to change it completely. We knew an old Mercedes truck standing next to the road to Tbilisi, so we passed there on the way back.

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No cooler, no cyclone, no stabiliser … operation on the open heart!
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After a long week of work the parts get placed back in again

Back in Tbilisi we removed completely the old cooler. During this work we found some rusty parts and tried get rid of all of them. So the entire week we were removing rust, replacing and renewing different things. And after that, our old lady Emma was running better than ever and it seemed, she was very happy about the attention she got from us. But that was not all – we saw, that the outside of the living cabin needed some attention too, so we drove to our well known place at the Tbilisi sea.

Tanz der Schnorchel - gesuchter Partner: Weiblich, jung und gutaussehend!!! Johanns fällt raus!!
Dancing with the snorkel – wanted: female, young and good looking. Nothing for Johannes!!

We started with the driver cabin, where we had to remove some rust and after that, painted all new. Then it came to our living cabin, where we renewed some joints and as well painted all new. In the end, we were around 3 weeks working, luckily the weather was always good, just sometimes nearly too hot.

Teil 2 der Kur startet ...
Start of the second part of the treatment …
Und wir arbeiten und von Vorne ...
We were working from the front  …
... nach Hinten!
… to the back!
Das neue Gewand - bombastisch!!!
Isn’t she looking great again?!?

Now, our old lady is happy again and is driving all proud through the streets. We hope, that she will stay happy for a while and we don't need to put our hands on her too soon.

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