#magic mushrooms????

Our mushroom season wasn't too bad till now. On the alp in Austria we had chanterelles growing in front of our cmaper and in short time we had collected kilos of small, fresh mushrooms. Walking around in the Bosnian forest seemed in the beginning too scary to us, as you can hear that there are still many land mines laying around. Luckily we had a neighbor, who knows mushrooms and the forest and he told us, that in this region there have never been many mines around. The result… similar, just another type of mushrooms - after one hour walking around in the forest we collected circa 2 kg porcinis… just have a look... 

Steinpilze … der ganze Wald ist voll!!!
Porcinis … the forest is full with it!!!
Die Pfifferlinge von der Olm!!
The chanterelles from the Austrian alp
Die Pfifferlinge kurz vor der Speisung!! mhhhhhh ...
The chanterelles shortly before getting eaten!! mhhhhhh …

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