From the boarder we drove through wide plains, which we were not used anymore since we drove through the Balkan. We passed Thessaloniki and drove further on to the first finger to Sani Beach. Next to a resort for richer people, we parked our truck directly on the beach, fantastic. We enjoyed the dunes, went walking along the beach and cooked nice food.

Dünen am Sani Beach
Dunes on Sani Beach
Abschied am Sani Beach
Goodbye from Sani Beach

Unfortunately Vladimir had to go back to Skopje the following day, so we brought him back to Thessaloniki. We then drove further east and found a place on a hill between two villages Nea Iraklitsa and Nea Peramos. We stayed in between olive trees and had a fantastic view to the sea and the island of Thassos.

Unser Stellplatz für über 2 Wochen
Our place for more than 2 weeks

In 15 minutes walk we could reach nice rocks for climbing and with our bicycles we were able to go shopping and swimming in the sea and have a shower. Nearly every morning we enjoyed beautiful sunrises out of our bed.

Einer der vielen Sonnenaufgänge
One of the many beautiful sunrises
Unser Hausstrand, hier mit Sturmwellen
Our home beach, here with stormy waves
Johannes beim Wasserhosen, damit unsere Wasserreserven länger halten
Johannes getting fresh water, so that our water reserves kept longer

We went climbing nearly every day and after having succeeded in our project “Viagra”, we lost a bit of our climbing motivation. We still stayed for another few days and went with our bicycles to Kavala, for enjoying the city live.

Altstadt in Kavala
Old town of Kavala
Kavala mit dem Aquädukt aus römischer Zeit
Kavala with the aquaduct from the Romans
Aquädukt von Nahe
Aquaduct from close
Wir waren unterwegs mit Fahrrädern
We drove through Kavala with our bicycles

In the meantime we started with the preparation for Georgia learning the alphabet and the first words.

Johannes am Georgisch Lernen
Johannes learning Georgian language
Skateboarden bei Sonnenaufgang
There was even a skate park, here early in the morning

18 days finally were enough, we wanted to explore new things. After a few e-mails we found a farm in Turkey on helpx. Looking forward, how Turkey will be like, regarding as well the political situation, we drove to Alexandroupoli, through wide plains, autumnal nature, marvelled fields of cotton and arrived in the last big town of Greece on the way to Turkey. We slept in the town, made a stroll through the centre, drunk a farewell beer and drove in the morning to the boarder.

Johannes auf einem abgeernteten Baumwollfeld
Johannes on an already harvested cotton field
Cotton plants
Leuchtturm in Alexandroupoli
Lighthouse in Alexandroupoli

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