We passed the boarder in the north of Montenegro and our next stop was Žabljak, the biggest town in the Durmitor national park. There we met the parents of Theres. We spent a nice week in the region with different walks through the national park including a river rafting trip on the river Tara.

Nationalpark Durmitor
Durmitor national park

Then we went to the sea, drove through the bay of Kotor to Bjelila, where we found a cozy apartment with a nice patio in a small fishing village.

Blick auf Bucht bei Kotor
View over the bay of Kotor
Ausblick von unserer Ferienwohnung in Bjelila
View from our apartment in Bjelila
Ausflug nach Rose
Visit of Rose

After a few nights we went further south close to the Albanian boarder, where we spent some nights on a camping ground close to the sea. The two weeks were superb, we passed Montenegro not only by wild camping, we as well made some touristy things and enjoyed the local cuisine.

Einer von vielen alten Olivenbäumen in Montenegro
One of many old olive trees in Montenegro

After exactly two weeks we said goodbye and passed the boarder to Albania, having planned to visit a climbing spot. As the way was too long for one day we stopped by accident in an around 15 km2 big laguna next to the city of Lezhë. We stayed for one night and in the morning we got the chance to observe flamingos, pelicans and other kind of birds. The night before we made contact with the Albanian hospitality and got many fresh fruit and an invitation for a drink. The conversation was very hard, as in this short time we only learned the four most important words (yes, no, hello and thank you).

Abendstimmung in der Lagune
Evening in the laguna
und ein Besuch früh morgens von Ziegen und Kühen
And a visit early in the morning from goats and cows

The next day we drove close to Tirana to Boville, where we slept in a canyon underneath a water reservoir. With our bikes we explored the region and thought about, where we could go climbing the next day. But we didn’t get a chance, as during the night it started raining and didn`t stop the following morning. Considering to the place where we stayed in the canyon and the condition of the road, we decided to drive further south. After driving through the city centre of Tirana (we couldn’t find another way, as the highway was still under construction), we met two guys who just came back from Georgia and we decided to spend the evening together.

Stadtrundfahrt in Tirana um die Mittagszeit...
City tour in Tirana at midday…

The following day we drove to the south towards Macedonia, where we slept a few villages before the boarder.The boarder we passed the other day early in the morning and then drove first to Ohrid, where we walked through the old town.

Blick auf einen Teil der Altstadt in Ohrid
View over a part of the old town of Ohrid

In the evening we found thanks to our bicycles a lonesome lawn, close to the lake. But unfortunately, during the night it again started raining and stopped in the following days only for a few hours. That`s why we decided after the third night to leave and look for the sun.

In einer Regenpause fuhren wir mit den Fahrrädern Richtung Pass - Blick über den Ohridsee
As it was not raining for a few hours, we drove with our bicycles towards a pass – view over the lake of Ohrid
Trpejca, in welcher Nachbarschaft wir unseren Stellplatz hatten
Trpejca, in which neighborhood we slept

So we drove back to Ohrid, where we parked in front of the stadium, as we got free wi-fi and had a look to the weather forecast. It didn’t look too bad for Greece, so we spontaneously asked Vladimir in Skopje, if we could visit him the next day. We started early in the morning to Skopje, where we were welcomed with a fresh lunch

Auf der Fahrt nach Skopje entdeckten wir den ersten frischen Schnee der Saison
As we drove to Skopje, we saw the first snow of the season
Begrüssung von Vladimir
Lunch at Vladimirs home

In the afternoon we passed the river to the Albanian part of the town and went to the huge market and had a coffee.

Eindrücke vom Markt, wo es alles gab: frisches Gemüse
Impression from the market, where we could get everything: fresh vegetables
Kleider, Uhren, Elektrogeräte
Clothes, watches, electrical equipment
und diverse Esswaren
And all kind of food

As we already saw in Ohrid, it is even more obvious in Skopje. The government spends useless money, to build some “kitschy” houses, museums and touristy attractions, sometimes they only make new fassades and behind there is still the old building. And all these in a time, where everybody in Macedonia is happy, if he has a job and they do not even earn a lot of money. People who know Skopje from a few years ago are just shocked.

Kitsch - Archeologiemuseum , von diesen Gebäuden ist die Stadt voll, gebaut in den letzten 5 Jahren und der Wahnsinn hat noch kein Ende gefunden
Kitsch – the museum of archeology, the city centre is full with these type of buildings, built in the last 5 years and they still keep on building…

The evening we spent again with Vladimir, enjoyed the shower and made a plan for the next day. The following day we started very early, at 4.30 we left Skopje towards Greece. Shortly after Skopje, we left the road and got some fresh, warm and healthy mineral water. Then we drove to the boarder of Macedonia, filled again our tanks and passed the boarder without problems.

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